Fit Focus Heart is a Fitness Transformation Studio that offers Semi-Private Training sessions. What is that you ask? Your training sessions are designed with up to 4-6 individuals to participate and I promise it is soooo much more fun with the members of our Fit Community than a One on One setting the members say it’s entertaining and the time goes by much faster.

All skill levels are welcome to partake during all offered sessions, because well… we’re awesome (and educated) at designing modifications and new procedures for those that may have limitations and get great results.

Sessions are 1 hour long and are always created for a total workout (upper and lower body, cardiovascular and *DRUMROLL PLEASE* Abs… yes, we are always working abs.)

We primarily focus on Functional Training techniques (aka helping you improve daily activities such as walking stairs, picking up dirty laundry, chasing kids or grandkids and enhancing your athletic abilities)

You can expect fun upbeat music and requests are always welcomed and monitored for everyone’s enjoyment.

Each member is offered a monthly Success Session where you meet one on one with our coaches to build individual goals and milestones and strategize a step by step blueprint to achievement.


We will become your best friend (or stalker whichever way you want to look at it). We are committed to helping you stay on course and follow up regularly. Plus, monthly measurements and progress photos to see your success.